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On February 3, Siemens called on its employees to join the battle against COVID-19, and over 6,200 employees pledged donations totaling RMB 2.2 million.
As planned, all the employee donations have been used to purchase Siemens Healthineers medical equipment for 12 hospitals in Wuhan and other disease-hit areas. The equipment delivery started on February 13. All the five units of blood gas analyzers have been installed and put into operation on February 18. And as of February 25, among the delivered seven units of ultrasound devices, six are already in use while the other one is soon to be installed.
With all those efforts, the company strives to help ease stress of the hospitals and bring hopes to people in trials and tribulations.
What Siemens delivered are not just medical assistance, but also priceless care and love, and ultimately a reaffirmed commitment to its social responsibility. 
员工捐赠的一台超声设备于2月20日在湖北省第三人民医院投入使用。/ A unit of ultrasound device donated by employees has come into use at The Third People’s Hospital of Hubei Province on February 20.



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